Collective Rewilding

Collective Rewilding


Collective Rewilding is a laboratory for constructing assemblages of views, temporalities, and peoples so that the “exhibition site” (whether digital or physical) can become a new materialist space for becoming with others – that is of repositioning the human among other non-human actants. We see curatorial  practice as one that today must inquire into modes of looking that foster new orientations towards our collective sense of vulnerability. To situate ourselves vis-à-vis each other, other-than-human beings, and our multiple yet disparate emergent social concerns, however, requires not only a reconfiguration of our geopolitical position but more urgently, a becoming with that accounts for a multi-species, feminist, and decolonial ontology. Convened to think about platforms for unlearning, we suggest critical new examinations and optical perspectives that can help us unpack histories of resistance, knowledge exchange, and networks of artistic solidarity against colonial and Anthropocenic structures of power.


Crazy Cleopatra (top) & Funky Schere (bottom) © MACHEN


  • Open Call 01.07.-01.11.2020
Fountain in the Renaissance courtyard of Museum Ulm, Foto: Judith Bahr / Museum Ulm


  • Museum Ulm
  • Open Call 01.07.-30.09.2020
Stefanie Dathe
Javier Calvo (Costa Rica), Solo Yo, 2012 Video-performance

Mapping the Cartographic

  • Conceptual Art
  • Mixed Media
  • Photography
Collective Rewilding
Rhizopus bread mold under the microscope, © Tonaquatic, 2020

#designating visions

  • Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Text
C.A.R., Stiftung Zollverein, Foto: Matthias Duschner, Textinstallation: Heiko Beck

C.A.R. 2020 Online Bites

  • Installation
  • Mixed Media
  • Photography
C.A.R. 2020

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