Here you will find all current exhibition projects of participating institutions and independent curators. You can submit artworks or comment and get the links to the chat groups to discuss with community, curators and artists. For closed Open Calls, with final selection and curatorial statement, please click “Archive”.


  • Open Call 9.1.-15.3.2021
  • Conceptual Art
  • Installation
  • Photography
Schwarzweiß Fotolabor


  • Open Call 12.12.2020-15.2.2021
  • Digital-Art
  • Kooperation HHU
  • Photography
Elsa Hütter & Elsa Li
Rhizopus bread mold under the microscope, © Tonaquatic, 2020

#designating visions

  • Open Call Closed
  • Final selection online
  • Mixed Media
  • Text
Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash, collage by Daniel Hengst/Clemens Schöll

In VR we trust

  • Open Call Closed
  • Final selection online
  • VR
Daniel Hengst / Clemens Schöll

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