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Mapping the Cartographic

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  • I like the relationship of different scales. The track done by frottaging a real piece of rock is basically a mould, therefore its scale is 1:1. The map used to work it out is probably 1:50 or 1:100. However, there are still common shapes, they keep bearing a resemblance to each other. Whether a crest or a void on a rock can remind a mountain skyline or the shape of a coast on the map, it looks like a single fragment of the nature could address the whole world. The feeling I got watching this art work suggest me that we (human being) are about to discover a kind of new golden ratio. An intimate secret-never concealed by nature though-that leads us to became familiar with a natural endemic process. A step further into environmental awareness.

    Davide Cozza
  • I love the idea to have more people walk in the nature looking at things like they are important and elevated as they are in the museums.

  • I like your work, interesting that you used frotage as a way to bring the memory of the place with you. It is something more intimate than photography. I also feel this need to put myself in contact with space, being part of nature. It is a little distressing to be now reclusive at home and to seek this insertion through the screens.

    Claudia Lira

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